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Pipe Fabrication as a Union Pipefitter

Streamlining pipe trades work through innovative prefabrication methods

The fabrication of complex piping systems is a vital part of the construction process. The amount of time saved by pre-fabricating these systems provides vital cost-saving, while also helping to keep large scale construction projects on schedule and on budget.

Fabrication is more complicated than just constructing systems in a shop and sending materials off to jobsites. The fabrication process includes material design, detailed engineering concerned with how materials should be welded and threaded together, understanding stress points within the complete system, as well as engineering the best overall process to assemble the materials when they finally reach the jobsite.

Southwest Pipe Trades Association and United Association affiliated unions train members in fabrication

By completing a registered apprenticeship program with one of our affiliated UA Local Unions, you will acquire a working knowledge of fabrication in the pipe trades industry.

There are two primary types of fabrication in the pipe trades industry, pipe spool fabrication and modular fabrication. SWPTA affiliated UA Unions can provide you with the knowledge and jobsite experience you need to become an expert in both of these fabrication processes.

SWPTA and United Association members use pipe spool fabrication for the oil and gas industry

Pipe spool fabrication is the cutting, beveling and welding of pipes. It is frequently used in the oil and gas industry, where a large volume of heavy pipe is required to move vast amounts of fluid considerable distances. The process consists of cutting pipe, fitting the pipe and then welding it together in a shop setting to be sent to job sites in its pre-assembled form.

Pipe spool fabrication is heavily used in the oil and gas industry, on power plants, refineries and other large industrial facilities.

SWPTA and United Association union members use modular fabrication to improve efficiency

In the pipe trades, modular fabrication refers to the fabrication of components in a shop setting by using the latest modern technology to deliver a consistent product with a high level of quality. By constructing these components in a controlled shop setting, quality control is enhanced, less human errors is made on jobsites and projects become more efficient. 

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